Paperless Office: Dreams or Reality?

AltoPDF team

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Electronic technology can completely change both the industrial processes and the business processes of any company. In particular, it can release the employees from the sluggish and labour-intensive work with paper documents. The replacement of paper processes to electronic ones allows the intellectual employees to do job faster and more effectively.

A fully paperless environment is known as a paperless office. This term exists since 1973. Back then it was a dream. What happens today? Are the companies ready to give up on sheaf of papers and have every single page in electronic form? Actually many companies use online docs, however, it does not refer to government services. According to the norms of the law, some Word documents still must be printed. And we can do nothing with it.

Contemporary technologies offer lots of text formats that allow us to leave real papers behind. You may use any format - from PDF to DOC. Free online services offer you to convert any file from one format to another. For example, such free converting tool as AltoPDFtoWord can help you turn PDF into Word and vice versa. It is not the only PDF to Word converter. You may search for any other free program and manage your e-files.

If you decide to implement e-document management to your company, you must know that it will save lots of the company’s time, employee’s energy and make your office cleaner as all papers will be transformed into PDFs or other e-files. It doesn’t require any special and expensive software. The only thing you may need using PDF files is Adobe Reader that will open the documents for reading. Paperless office is a real benefit. Just image how many space will you have after taking away all documents!

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