Top 5 Ways to Convert PDF to Word Document

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Every student has faced the situation when the file necessary for scientific paper found on the Internet was saved in PDF. It is a real “pleasure” to work with such docs. It is much easier to edit the text in Word documents. By the way, we have prepared for you a list of top 5 online services that can help change PDF to Word in just a few seconds.

1 Google Drive

It is not only a common cloud storage, but also a unique tool to convert PDF to Word. Free service can be easily used for such purpose. You just need to upload PDF files. Choose the document you need, right click the chosen object, select “Open with” and click “Converter to...”. After that every page of the file can be edited.

2 AltoPDFtoWord

It a free online converter that does not require any software and can turn all your PDFs to Word documents just instantly. Upload a necessary doc or drag it holding the left button of the mouse. Click the button Convert and get your Word doc that is easily editable.

3 ABBYY PDF Transformer

It is a great service for editing PDFs. However, it is also a converter. You must download this program from the official site. It is not available online. The tool can not only edit or convert PDFs, it allows to merge the documents with different resolutions.

4 Go4convert

It is one more online resource for converting files from one format to another. It is easy to use. The process comes to a simple set of actions. You must choose the format you need in the end, upload the doc and click Convert.

5 Freepdfconverter

It works by the same principles as the above-described services. You may convert your PDF to Doc for free using this site.

There are more services. We have provided the most convenient ones. Choose the one you like the most and make your life easier.

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