Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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A good converter and it’s for free. As we all know, PDF format looks good, but it’s not so easy to edit. But your website helped me to get the textual information I needed in less than a minute. Thank you!



I needed to use the text that my PDF contained and add it to my report. Your service helped me to convert the document to Word without any hassle. This is a really good solution!



I wanted to find a good solution that would help me to convert PDFs. First of all, I thought about downloading software. Then I realized that I didn’t want to pay money for such a simple operation. Your platform was a great choice for me, because now I’ve managed to transform my PDFs to Word for free.



This online solution is great. It solved my problems with converting documents. I think it’s pointless to install a program on my computer just for the sake of using it once. This platform was a really good choice for me. Now I’m always using it.



I was looking for a solution, that would help me to convert my document fast. This website seems a good fit for me. It’s very simple to use and I can easily convert my templates to .doc format.



I just chose this solution to assist me with document conversion. Now I don’t need any other programs or software. I just visit this website and convert PDFs to Word within a minute.



AltoConvertPDFtoWord is a trustworthy solution that always helps me with document conversion. So far there hasn’t been a single mistake or technical glitch. The quality of the document always stays the same as it was in its original version.



I scanned a paper document and I needed to use the text it contained. Not every solution converted it successfully, and some strange symbols would sometimes appear. The converter managed to process the file within a minute without damaging its content. It’s quite good.



I used this converter to extract the text from my PDF document. I managed to do it much faster than I expected. Plus, I didn’t have to deal with any complicated interface. It’s quite simple and self-explanatory.